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Established in 1986
Exclusively old telephones and parts for 25 years
I have personally restored and sold over 3000 old telephones

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All telephones are available to buy by mail order
15 post and packing to all parts of the UK.
Smaller parts post and packing is from 3.50 to UK only
You can collect from my shop at weekends by arrangement


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160/200 Series Spares   232


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Coil No 24 and coil No 27

Coil No 24 was used in the Mark 1 200 series in the early 1930's. Now pretty rare. Few only

10.00 each

Coil No 27
was used in the Mark 2 200 series, and most of the 300 series British Bakelite telephones of the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

5.00 each


Coil No 21
 New old stock Can be used to replace the long coil in a No 25 and 31  bell set.

Ideal if you are restoring a No 1 wood bell set and need a coil to replace a missing or faulty No 14 or 18 coil. You will need to make a suitable adaptor to mount it. A small rectangle of thin plywood or aluminium should do the trick.

28.00 each  Very last few


Special Terminal Nuts and washers. 3BA size, 4BA thread. These fit the terminal blocks inside the 232 or 162 telephone
10 pairs of nuts and washers for 1


Microphone original type 13. Post-war


Microphone original type 10 pre-war mainly mid to late 30's

from 25.00

Receiver and diaphragm early type 1L These were used in many British Bakelite telephones from the 1920's to the 1960's


Receiver and diaphragm late type 2P (unused). This is an improved version of the receiver 1L and was used in many British Bakelite telephones from  1952 and as a period replacement for the 1L.
It is easy to fit, and is a worthwhile improvement to an earlier receiver


Diaphragm both types 12 and 25. The No 12 diaphragm is intended to fit the 1L receiver, and the 25 the 2P.
The diaphragm fits on top of the receiver. If yours is rusty, it is worth changing it.



Handset cord (Black curly PVC). 


Handset cord (Black thin cloth covered replacement type).  


Handset cord (Brown, black or white cloth plaited, good quality reproduction).  


Original brown plaited cord is not available

Black Brown or maroon modular cord with BT plug and fork ends


Replacement Black 3 or 2 core cloth covered cord (Telephone to handset or bell set) Fitting 2 extra
Please note that this is high quality circular cloth covered cord. It is designed to withstand constan flexing


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Click to see a large image of Bellset 64dPeriod bell set type 64d with plain black bells. The design of these bells date from the 1930's. New old stock. Mint condition. At least 30 years old.
Makes an ideal economical
bell to accompany a 232 telephone. Loud "period" ring unlike the miniature bells sometimes fitted to these telephones. Converted and fitted with a 3 metre (10ft) cord and BT plug ready to go.

Post and Packing 9

Click to see a large image of Bellset 64dPeriod bell set type 64d with polished brass bells New old stock, at least 30 years old. Same as above but with polished brass gongs.
Available in black, ivory, green, blue and maroon


Post and Packing 9


Click to see a large image of Type 26 bellsetFor more information and Special Offer for No 26 bell set Click here Graded Stock
This is the bell set which was originally supplied with the 200 series. It can be fitted under the telephone. 

While Stocks Last
From 30

Special fixing screws to fit No 25, 26 or 31 Bell Set to a 160 or 200 series telephone
For more information click here


16 pair

Click to see a large image of Type 26 bellsetRare Bakelite bell set type 25 bell set for 160 series telephone




Rare wooden bell set type 1A and 41


Bell gongs nickel plated, or painted matt black type 2 and 2A for all the above bell sets 


5.00 each

Bell gongs polished brass for wooden bell sets and 64D

9.50 each

Bell mechanism for bell sets 25, 26, and 64 used original


Bell mechanism (unused) for bell sets 25, 26, and 64
These are a replacement for the original. They look pretty much the same and are guaranteed to fit. They are British made in the 1970's





I have workshop facilities at Battlesbridge and stock some spares in the shop. Spares in the shop are only available "over the counter" when I am in attendance. See below.

  • Spares are available by mail order. For most small parts, post and packing is 3.00 1st class to UK only.
  • Payment for mail order spares is by credit/debit card only.

Most spares are second-hand and vary in quality from "as seen" to "reconditioned".

"Reconditioned" means a part which has been overhauled to working condition. It does not necessarily mean overhauled to new condition. Please call me to clarify.

All spares are subject to availability. Please enquire about any parts not listed, I may have them.

I endeavour to keep to the above prices, but they are liable to change without notice




Click here to visit the Battlesbridge Antiques centre website

Click here to see the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre web site

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Credit/Debit Cards are the preferred method of payment. I no longer accept cheques.

If you wish to place an order, or have an enquiry, please read all below.

Please call me (Gavin Payne) by telephone if you wish to place an order for a telephone, spare parts, or have an enquiry.  I can usually be reached 9.00am to 5.45pm any day, including weekends. Calls in the evening are not appreciated and could make me very grumpy. The number is 01245 400601.

I am in the shop most Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00. These are the only times I am in the shop for the sale of spare parts, conversions and repairs.  Conversions and repairs can often be carried out while you wait.

If you have a telephone that you want to know more about, or have it repaired or converted, please have it right next to you when you call. Please also have a selection of small flat bladed screwdrivers to hand.
 I do not give advice for DIY repairs or conversions or valuations of any kind over the telephone or by email. Please bring the telephone to my shop for assessment, but always call me first before bringing it in.

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