The Old Telephone Company,  Essex, England
Established in 1986
Exclusively old telephones and parts for 25 years
I have personally restored and sold over 3000 old telephones

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All telephones are available to buy by mail order
15 post and packing to all parts of the UK.
Smaller parts post and packing is from 3.50 to UK only
You can collect from my shop at weekends by arrangement


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The Battlesbridge Shop

Find me there most Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 to 12.00.

I will not be at the shop on Saturday 31st of December and Sunday 1st of January

The shop is also open 10.00am to 5.30pm 7 days a week; see note below

The advantages of going to the shop include

  • See and handle the telephones and ask questions about them.
  • Hear a recorded message about the telephones on each telephone on display. You can hear what it is like.
  • You may use the telephones like an intercom and speak to each other.
  • You can ring the bells.
  • It is all easy to use and require little or no help from the staff. Have fun!
  • A selection of spares is available for sale over the counter, but only when I am in attendance.
  • Workshop facilities are available at Battlesbridge. I may be able to convert or repair your telephone while you wait.

Talk it over with either myself (Gavin Payne) or my representative in the shop.

I expect all these telephones will be on display this Saturday morning.

All these telephones are available by mail order (subject to being unsold) and if ordered by 11.00 am could be with you the next day. E&OE.
 Post and packing by two day Parcelforce 48 to most of the country (except the Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland) is 15.00

If you are intending to visit the shop to see a particular telephone, please call me first on the number below to check availability.
Any telephone can be reserved for a short period, with no obligation to buy.
All are converted to work on a BT line unless otherwise stated. If you are a cable TV customer (Virgin NTL etc) call me on the number below for more details.
All benefit from my 2 year guarantee.


There is a large selection of the British 700 series dating from the 1960's to 1980's
Stock is now changing daily. Please call me before making a special journey

There are many telephones on display in my shop that are not displayed here. At this time of the year, I cannot keep up.

Please call me on the number at the bottom of the page for further information

Click here to go to Belgian 1950's to 60's

Green Sold Maroon sold

Belgian desk telephone

1956-66 150

The brass trim around the base is actually a carrying handle

There is currently a variety of these telephones on display in black, cream, maroon, blue, and green.

I also have some Belgian Wall phones on display

These telephones are now in short supply, and will not be replaced when they are gone


Click here to go to Danish Kirks 1950's to 60's

Danish Bakelite Desk Telephone

Dated 1966

This good quality telephone has an adjustable ringer



Shire Publications

Standard Shire Album format

32 pages

Mint unused

Usual 4.99, Amazon 3.69

My price is 1.75 each

 Special price in the shop only



A mint 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee Telephone.

The telephone was unused in its original wrappings until I prepared it for sale.

 98 each

Click here to go to British 300 1930's to1960's

Bakelite type 332
In super condition with plaited handset cord and a drawer in the base.



A really good Bakelite 312 with "Call Exchange button"
Complete with plaited cloth hand set cord and a drawer in the base.



Click here to go to Danish D30 circa 1930


Danish similar to the picture  but with two buttons on the front.


  Click here to go to American 500 1949 to 1980's

An American
type 500 Mark 1  telephone dated 1960. This is fitted with the rarer small front metal dial.


Note: This is not the broadly similar British 700 series telephone widely available elsewhere

Click to see a large image of Type 232 with bellset 26

An good Bakelite 232 desk telephone mounted on a type 26 bell set



321_head_on.jpg (14114 bytes)




Type 321 British Bakelite Wall Phone


Fairly unusual type in good condition





Telephone extension bell 64d. Original vintage. Not reproduction.

Black with plain black bells. 25

 Black, Cream, Maroon, Blue or Green with polished brass bells. 40

Royal Mail First Class Post and Packing 3.50 extra

A good selection is on show of the ever popular original vintage 64d telephone extension bells. All are in mint condition, all are with a black 3 metre cord ready to plug in to a BT or Cable TV telephone socket, and are complete with a 2 way telephone adaptor. These can be plugged into any convenient telephone socket in your house, regardless of whether there is a telephone plugged in or not. They are powered by the telephone line, and do not need a mains connection. They are semi-weatherproof and could be installed in a suitable position outside.
I sell these with various bell gong tone combinations. Come to the shop and you can ring them all, and choose the one which suits you best.

Ideal if you need a bell for your 200 series telephone.
Also worth trying if you have difficulty hearing a modern telephone ring, or are just nostalgic for the old fashioned ring.


These popular bell sets are regularly replaced as required from my extensive stock  

 I will endeavour to replace telephones marked "sold" for the next weekend.

A tip for personal callers to the shop.
The best selection of telephones for sale can be seen after re-stocking on a Saturday morning.
Weekend opening times are 10.00 to 12.00 on Saturday and Sunday. The shop is also open 10.00am to 5.30pm 7 days a week with sales and assistance from Leslie next door, and the antiques centre staff. But I am there only at the weekends.

 For directions to my shop in Battlesbridge Essex,
 click here.

Click here to visit the Battlesbridge Antiques centre website

Click here to see the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre web site

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Credit/Debit Cards are the preferred method of payment. I no longer accept cheques.

If you wish to place an order, or have an enquiry, please read all below.

Please call me (Gavin Payne) by telephone if you wish to place an order for a telephone, spare parts, or have an enquiry.  I can usually be reached 9.00am to 5.45pm any day, including weekends. Calls in the evening are not appreciated and could make me very grumpy. The number is 01245 400601.

I am in the shop most Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00. These are the only times I am in the shop for the sale of spare parts, conversions and repairs.  Conversions and repairs can often be carried out while you wait.

If you have a telephone that you want to know more about, or have it repaired or converted, please have it right next to you when you call. Please also have a selection of small flat bladed screwdrivers to hand.
 I do not give advice for DIY repairs or conversions or valuations of any kind over the telephone or by email. Please bring the telephone to my shop for assessment, but always call me first before bringing it in.

Emails to or copy and paste into your email programme or app .

By post to The Old Telephone Company, The Old Granary, Battlesbridge Antiques Centre,
 Battlesbridge, Essex SS11 7RE.

The Old Telephone Company respects your privacy, and will not divulge any information about you to a third party.
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