The Old Telephone Company,  Essex, England
Established in 1986
Exclusively old telephones and parts for 25 years
I have personally restored and sold over 3000 old telephones

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All telephones are available to buy by mail order
15 post and packing to all parts of the UK.
Smaller parts post and packing is from 3.50 to UK only
You can collect from my shop at weekends by arrangement


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Conversions and Repairs
To enable an old telephone to be plugged in to a telephone socket

Telephone conversions and repairs are carried out for personal callers only. I do not convert or repair telephones sent by post or carrier.
Most telephones can be converted or repaired "while you wait", but if there are problems and it is inconvenient to return later, I can then post it back to you at extra cost. I am more than happy for you to watch and ask questions while the work is being carried out.

Conversion costs are from 28 and repair costs are from 20


For those on a Virgin Media, Telewest or TalkTalk line who find they can no longer dial out, a Rotatone device could be the answer. Click here to go to the Rotatone page.


A spares price list is available for your inspection should any parts be required.

I have workshop facilities at my shop at The Battlesbridge Antiques Centre, and am often able to convert or repair your telephone while you wait. But please call me by telephone (see below) first.

It is essential that you call me first by telephone (see below) if you wish to have your telephone converted or repaired. Please have the telephone with you when you call, and if possible have a selection of small flat bladed screwdrivers.

I can convert most types of dial telephones (subject to inspection) to enable them to be plugged into a telephone socket both here in The UK and most other countries.

I do not sell conversion kits, or give advice about "do it yourself" conversions or repairs.
The reason I do not sell conversion kits is that often other parts of the telephone require attention (even the 300 series telephones are at least 40 to 70 years old now). To try to identify, and even harder to fix, problems at long range can be frustrating both for myself and for the customer.

I will not convert magneto  "Crank handle" telephones. I refuse do do this on the grounds that to do so would entail heavily modifying the telephone. Many really early or interesting old telephones have been vandalised in this way.
My conversions are limited to doing just enough to enable the telephone to work satisfactorily. I may replace the receiver and microphone with later types. But it is always done in such a way that the telephone can be put back the way it was.

I do not convert or repair reproduction telephones or any telephone originating from India.
Indian Bakelite 300 series can often be identified by checking the underside of the handset grip. It may have a heart shaped emblem enclosing the letters ITI. ITI stands for Indian Telephone Industries of Bangalore. There are other ways of identifying an Indian Telephone, but the easiest way is to call me by telephone (see below). Please have the telephone with you.
Onyx telephones are reproductions. Despite appearances, they are not all that old.


Click here to visit the Battlesbridge Antiques centre website

Click here to see the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre web site

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Credit/Debit Cards are the preferred method of payment. I no longer accept cheques.

If you wish to place an order, or have an enquiry, please read all below.

Please call me (Gavin Payne) by telephone if you wish to place an order for a telephone, spare parts, or have an enquiry.  I can usually be reached 9.00am to 5.45pm any day, including weekends. Calls in the evening are not appreciated and could make me very grumpy. The number is 01245 400601.

I am in the shop most Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00. These are the only times I am in the shop for the sale of spare parts, conversions and repairs.  Conversions and repairs can often be carried out while you wait.

If you have a telephone that you want to know more about, or have it repaired or converted, please have it right next to you when you call. Please also have a selection of small flat bladed screwdrivers to hand.
 I do not give advice for DIY repairs or conversions or valuations of any kind over the telephone or by email. Please bring the telephone to my shop for assessment, but always call me first before bringing it in.

Emails to or copy and paste into your email programme or app .

By post to The Old Telephone Company, The Old Granary, Battlesbridge Antiques Centre,
 Battlesbridge, Essex SS11 7RE.

The Old Telephone Company respects your privacy, and will not divulge any information about you to a third party.
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