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 See also the Rotatone page for details of how to fix the problem




Pulse or Tone Dialling.....Short version.  For a longer version. click here

Pulse dialling is the method used by all conventional dial telephones to make a call.

Tone dialling is the method used by nearly all modern domestic telephones to make a call.

What is the problem then?

The problem is that some telephone service providers use equipment that no longer "recognises" dial telephones. In other words you cannot make a call using a dial telephone.

Who is affected?

Mainly those of you using a Virgin Media or TalkTalk telephone service.

How am I affected? I subscribe to a Virgin or TalkTalk telephone line.

You will almost certainly not be able to make an outgoing call now or in the near future.

But the telephone will ring, and you will be able to answer it.

Actually making a call may not be such a problem.......Most people have other push button telephones in the house which can be used instead.

What is the answer?

Well, you can just live with it. After all it is a lovely old telephone with a fantastic ring, and you can still answer it.

Or.....You can have a Rotatone device fitted. This will enable you to make outgoing calls in the usual way using your old dial telephone. See the Rotatone page for more information, or call me on the number below.

I subscribe to a BT domestic line. Am I affected?

As far as I know, dial telephones will work normally on a BT line.

I use a SKY satellite set top box. Am I affected?


Click here for more non-technical information about pulse/tone dialling.

 See also the Rotatone page for details of how to fix the problem



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Please call me (Gavin Payne) by telephone if you wish to place an order for a telephone, spare parts, or have an enquiry.  I can usually be reached 9.00am to 5.45pm any day, including weekends. Calls in the evening are not appreciated and could make me very grumpy. The number is 01245 400601.

I am in the shop most Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00. These are the only times I am in the shop for the sale of spare parts, conversions and repairs.  Conversions and repairs can often be carried out while you wait.

If you have a telephone that you want to know more about, or have it repaired or converted, please have it right next to you when you call. Please also have a selection of small flat bladed screwdrivers to hand.
 I do not give advice for DIY repairs or conversions or valuations of any kind over the telephone or by email. Please bring the telephone to my shop for assessment, but always call me first before bringing it in.

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